WELA (Elisabeth Wierzbicka) painter and sculptor, was born in Cracow in 1964. She studied at the Cracow Academy of Fine Art from 1984-1989. In 1989 she continued her training at the Ecole Superiore of Fine Art in Paris and started her career as an international artist in several countries. In her Paris studio she paints, draws and makes monumental installations, which borrow ideas from the surface, volume and materials in contemporary painting and sculpture. She works with memory and identity, erasing and dividing time, nature and coexistence.


WELA (Elisabeth Wierzbicka) painter, sculptor – offers services on a permanent facility or in situ, adapted to the specific sites, also indoor and outdoor lighting, sculptures, drawings, paintings.

The art complements the architecture of public buildings and official and is a component of urban spaces, private spaces.

The ability of the artist is to transform and transcend reality apparently common and banal, in a powerful and evocative potential for stimulating the imagination.

Artistic interventions are potentially many and varied, ranging across a wide spectrum, spectacular actions radically upsetting the scheduling of a place, barely perceptible interventions that are based or are confused with their immediate environment. Wela’s installations arise from the context of place and culture.

Her works are at: Copernicus Science Center (Whisperers) in Warsaw, in Futuroscope in France, at the Museum of Sculpture “Europos Parkas» in Vilnius, Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing,..

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  1. I am writing an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) for my A Levels and I have chosen to write an essay about “How the concept of Entropy has influenced artists since the 15th Century” and I would love to get your opinion of the question. If it would be possible, I would really be grateful if I could email you or contact you some other way to ask you some of my questions. I really need the opinion of a land artist like yourself and I would really appreciate your contribution.

    Kind Regards,

    Melissa Ourris

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