Interconnections project for Vign’Art 21

Wela: Interconnections project for Vign’Art 21

Very soon, I am going to Champagne to realize the installation “Interconnections” at the Brugny ditch for the Festival of Contemporary Art and the Land Art “Vign’Art 21”.
You will be able to enjoy it from May 15 to September 15, 2021

“For Vign’Art 2021 I am going to create an installation that evokes the symbiosis of man with nature. I imagine an installation made of forms that recall neurons, which interconnect between them and the environment, between the earth and the sky.
Groups of researchers are discovering interconnections between plants, animals and humans, their findings are more and more astonishing. Neuroscience is discovering the human capacity for healing through meditation, thanks to the brain and heart, the power of neurons to pass messages to future generations, the capacity of emotions to modify our magnetic field and influence others …
Biologists are talking more and more about the capacity of plants to communicate with each other, also animals, etc. The science is going deeper and deeper, but there is still a lot to discover.
We are all connected and interdependent. Only man is lost, removed from his natural environment and he must reconnect to improve life on the planet. I believe art can remind him of the meaning of life.
In my installation, under the title “Interconnections”, the neurons will play this role of messenger.
The installation would consist of several lightweight elements made of wire mesh and colored wire, suspended in the space above a ditch between metal posts.
Openwork, it will allow the visitor to look at the landscape through it. “
Wela 2020

While waiting for the start of the festival, you can already find all the works on the website

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