WELA: “The Pineapple Hurricane”.


WELA: "The Pineapple Hurricane"

WELA: “The Pineapple Hurricane” – participative artistic installation with children and some adults of Saint-Leu-La-Forêt, 2nd Festival “City and Country”, 23/09/2017

“The Pineapple Hurricane” symbolizes the need to sow, plant the trees and other plants in order to bring nature to a remedy against global warming.

Since the beginning of the industrial era human activities have an increasing influence on the climate and the temperature of the earth. Augmentation of temperature is mainly due to the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. We are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than the forests and oceans can now recycle. More trees are cut than they grow.

This warming causes climatic disruptions: floods, storms, forest fires, melting glaciers. Hurricanes Irma, which recently devastated the French West Indies, broke all world records of destructive power. This kind of phenomenon will become more and more frequent.
We can not continue our way of life according to the pattern of our parents. There is an ecological urgency to turn to nature, change our ways of life, and here everyone can contribute.

The installation in the shape of a hurricane wants to remind us of the need to move towards an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly society. Pine cones that carry seeds of future trees, hooked on the whirlwind is Wela’s message to take care of trees and plants. Not to cut these living beings that give us oxygen, but have the attitude of sowing them, planting and protecting.


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