Wela`s drawings – paintings in “Storm Lamp” review

Wela`s drawings – paintings with music by Nicolas Losson (“Medium, 1”) and text by Olivier Capparos in “Storm Lamp”, No. 10  – review of philosophies, arts, literature, poetry, science …



Wela (Elizabeth Wierbicka) initially wanted to paint brain and body. And tortured them, making them opaque mass of their remains. Wela, with no doubt, is a painter of space; each of his paintings to be located outside, if possible in the space of a garden. Thus we see that there are better externality in this organic mixture. His art is not to impose any interiority, but rather submit to the concordance, probably temporary, between an inside and an outside. Blood must flow like outside streams; nothing dark in there; blood and related seek a common destiny. And that destiny can be found its bearings in a painting.

Olivier Capparos

philosopher, composer, painter and writer
Paris, April 2013


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