Wela at “Europos Parkas”, publication 2010

Wela`s work in a book : “Europos Parkas” write by Gintaras Karosas and Kotryna Džilavjan
The Europos Parkas photograph album, distinguished for its volume, artistic and polygraphic quality, represents the open-air museum of contemporary art. History, conception, landscape and art-works of the open-air museum are depicted in English and Lithuanian. Photographs of the Lithuanian sculptor and creator of Europos Parkas Gintaras Karosas, reflect architecture, landscape art-works and sculptures in Europos Parkas.
Texts: Kotryna Džilavjan, Gintaras Karosas
Design and photographs: Gintaras Karosas
Publisher: Europos parkas
Year of publishing: 2010
Number of pages: 352
Format: 30,5 x 25,5
Cover: hardback
Language: Lithuanian, English
ISBN 978-9955-9763-5-6
Some photos :
Europos Parkas

The Europos Parkas photograph album write by Gintaras Karosas and Kotryna Džilavjan


Wela: “Piedestal for the Tree”, 2000, Open Air Museum of Contemporary Sculpture “Europos Parkas”, Vilnius, Lithuania


Dennis Oppenheim: “Chair/Pool”, 1996; Dennis Oppenheim: “Drinking Structure with Exposed Kidney Pool”, 1998


Wela: “Piedestal for the Tree”, 2000


Janet Echelman: ” Trying to Hide with Your Tail in the Air, 1998

Adri A.C. de Fluiter

Adri A.C. de Fluiter: Monument for Humanity, 1994


Ales Vesely: “Chamber of Light, 2000


Sol LeWitt: “Double Negative Pyramid”, 1999


Gintaras Karosas: “LNK Infotree”, 2000


Javier Cruz: “Woman Looking at the Moon”, 1996; Akihiko Kuwayama: “Snake”, 2002


DeWit Godfrey: “Europe Sculpture”, 2002


Magdalena Abakanowicz: “Space of Unknown Growth”, 1998


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