Children at museum.

Wela: Anamorphosis "Viewer III"  Wela_7_anamorphosis_fragment

The primary school , Piotr Michalowski TSSP in Krakow


( 2 September 2013 )


Already in the first week of September Class III went to see the exhibition of E.Wierzbicka Wela and S.Hirakawa ” Earth City ” at Manggha. Children with her teacher Mr. Gera- Duda were invited to the exhibition by one of its authors – Elisabeth Wierzbicka Wela , who had the opportunity to be welcomed into the class II. Elizabeth spoke about her art and her commitment in the fight to protect the land and nature. She spoke and presented its installations which can be found in the Museum of Technology in Warsaw. This time , his works E.Wierzbicka exhibited her works in conjunction with the Japanese artist S. Hirakawa .

This exhibition made ​​a great impression on all children and their teacher. Probably the purpose of the work of the artist – the awareness of the problem of the destruction of nature and the incentive to take care of the Earth – has been achieved.

Here’s what children have written in free text inspired by the exhibition:


6.10 we were on exhibition entitled . ” Common Earth” S.Hirakawa and E. Wierzbicka . When we entered the room, everything looked pretty normal, but when we approached … what I saw scared me . There were tubes mirror three trees, but not just any ordinary trees . There was blood tree , tree-skeleton , tree – brain. Horns of a deer ” decorated ” a mirror. ” The most frightening trees were the Killed tree. The only thing I liked the lanterns – shine. Despite lanterns I do not go to the show soon . Martynka Poreda


6.IX.2013 Today I was in class with Manggha exhibition . I really enjoyed this show because it showed how nature can suffer by man. With the exhibition, I could feel how animals suffer when they have the horns cut. There were tubes  lighting at night like lanterns. I think everyone should see this show, especially those who wantonly cut trees. Sonia Zięcina


6.09.2013r . That day , we went to the museum ” Manggha ” with the class. This is the Museum of Japanese Art. I was surprised as how people do not respect nature. I loved the lanterns. Max Guzman


Exposure tremor Manggha the 6IX

2013. We were at the exhibition ” Common Earth ” . We saw dark things : sketch of trunk suffering with brain skeleton and red roots. There was also of rings decorated with purple instead of tree leaves pictures . We saw the roots stuck on records like hunting trophies , horns of a mirror attached to the animal with the words : “I love me” and two trees in red cloth. One of them had a hole in the trunk , and another branch off. This exhibition has shocked us, because it is intended to make people understand that they hurt the trees. Dominik Baran


letter to Madams E. Wierzbicka and S. Hirakawy Hello !

Your show made ​​me a little scared, but also aroused admiration. You inspired me so I protects nature. I do not present myself Cassius – my name is Karol Kowalski . Most scared me brain and skeleton tree. I hope to meet you and Elizabeth – the second time. Karol Kowalski


September 6, 2013, we were in the Manggha Museum in the exhibition ” Common Earth ” . When I went to this exhibition, I thought it would be boring and short. However, when I entered the room, I realized that I was wrong. After seeing the show we watched a movie – a shocking video on how man is destroying nature. This exhibition was very moving , but I really liked it. Natalka Wiecheta


It remains to congratulate the authors of the exhibition, which has already done jointly with the class , and invite all to watch the show. Because the exposure time was extended to 29 September. We recommend it ! Class III , Professor Maria Gera – Duda

Wela: "Found Paradise", light installation Wela: mirrors "I love nature" & "I love myself"  Shigeko Hirakawa: "Red Tree" Wela: "Trophies"


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