Art Gardens of Drulon

With her installation “Crowns of Thorns” Wela participates in the 14-th International Exhibition of Sculpture “The Gardens of Drulon”, Castle Drulon, Loye-sur-Arnon, France, 2013

Exhibition is open every day from the 20 of April until the 1st of October from 10h to 19.30. The gardens are also open every weekend of October and on special demand.

The gardens of Drulon are situated at the D997 in between Saint Amand Montrond and Culan in Cher.

Around a 15th and 17th-century architectural ensemble, extraordinary gardens succeed each other in a 16-hectare unspoilt area. Botanical collections and exhibition of sculptures.

Ever since 2000 the Drulon gardens organize, every season a new exhibition of contemporary art.

The artistic gardens of Drulon form a harmonious combination of art and nature. Features include the secret garden of the château, 500 different kinds of roses, and a marsh surrounded by paths and natural labyrinths created by grazing sheep. In 2004 and 2006 a peony garden with over 300 different tree peonies was created, making Drulon one of the biggest peony gardens of France. This new garden was completed with a large collection of David Austin roses and an enormous number of hemerocallis (day-lilies).

Languages spoken : German, English, Dutch, French.


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