Wela’s installation in public space

Youtube – new film: “Whisperers by Wela”: http://youtu.be/YADp-C5QlgI

Polish plebiscite Architecture XXL (2011), summarizing the main achievements and events of last year of Polish architecture.
Explorers park at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, together with my installation “The Whisperers” got the title of best in the category of  ‘public space and transport’.

* Wela: “The Whisperers”, permanent interactive audio installation, Copernicus Science Centre, Discovery Park, Warsaw, Poland, 2011

16 stainless steel columns, variable dimensions: from 350 cm to 80 cm high, diameter: 30 cm, electronic & electrical equipment, installation plan diameter 1300 cm

The columns are equipped with sensors (volumetric and thermal presence detectors) and speakers in order to detect visitors and distribute natural sounds such as the whisper of a stream, rain, wind, volcano, etc. Sound sources stored in electronic controllers are installed in the basement in a technical cabinet with a circuit breaker and a pre-heating system to maintain a minimum temperature of 8° in cold weather.

Visitors can do real-time sound spatialization on the type of sound and played on the sound effects.

The installation shows the paradox of contemporary man desire to approach to nature by artificial means.

Compared to contemporary organs it symbolizes a virtual-real time in which we live and transports the viewer to the fourth more spiritual dimension.


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