Wela at Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing

Wela’s works made during three months (from 10 May to 10 August 2012) of artistic residence in Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

Light installation – 26 drawings tubes in Shanguyan Art Museum area, Beijing. The ability of the artist is to transform and transcend reality apparently common and banal in powerful and evocative potential for stimulating imagination; 26 dravings on plastic, 120x30cm, mixed technique: electrical devices

– A cycle “Corporeality of nature” – expressive drawings and paintings showing the anthropomorphic vegetal forms. By transformation the plants in to human body Wela want to show than vegetal nature is a living entity. Correlation and similarities between two worlds: animal or human and plant.

This theme is shown in two versions:

1. Two paintings on canvas along with the associated installation of branches. In these images and an installation the vegetable are mixed by the strange body shape; mixed technique on canvas, 250 cm diameter, installation, mixed technique

2. Five transparent silk pictures are hanging in natural space without frames. They are moving in the wind. Transparent surface of the canvas captures light and shadow of the environment, changes its forms and its colors, becomes a dynamic picture. Its blends in with the environment; mixed technique on silk, 250cmx120cm

– Six three-dimensional pictures “Existence” showing the vegetal forms dramatically highlighted by red color, resembling blood. They are showing the drama of the vegetable which must be treated and protected by us.; mixed technique on canvas, 80 cm diameter

– An ephemeral installation “China” in front of Shanguyan Art Museum express artists feelings and questions about the transformations in this country.


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