Exhibition ARTSENAT 2007, Paris

Artsenat 2007 “ARTSENAT 2007”

installation to the garden of Luxemburg, ahead the Senate, Paris.
from 12 May to 23 September 2007
curators : 
Ileana Cornea, Philosophe/Critic of Art

Laurence d’IST, Historian of art, 

Event:  http://www.quidnovi.net/senat/reines.html
10 Queens of France relive to the Garden of Luxemburg
from Saint Clotilde to Marries Médicis
10 creators wake sculptures of marble (XIX century) by original
contemporary installations

See somme vidéos:

Vidéo of Claude Yvans, “Femme y es-tu?”, Mai 2007

part  1: http://emmanuel.ea3.free.fr/as2007aallege/ 

part 2 : http://emmanuel.ea3.free.fr/as2007ballege/

 Video leMagarticipe.com

anothers webs:


Installation Saint Clotilde Installation for Saint Clotilde Installation for Saint Clotilde Installation for Saint Clotilde

Wela’s Installation: ” House of cards for the Queen St. Clotilde”, Installation at the Luxembourg Gardens, « Artsénat 2007 », Senate, Paris, 2007


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